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Finta Institute of Contemporary Arts is a non-profit platform for contemporary art founded in 2003, as of 2009 focusing mainly on producing animated films.


Since animation became a focus in 2009, Finta has produced several works in animated film by Špela Čadež - Nighthawk, 9min, Slovenia/Croatia, 2016; Little Prince Luka, production of animated sequences in documentary film produced by Staragara, 2014; Boles, puppet animation, 12:30 min, Slovenia/Germany, 2013; Good Night Missy, production of animated sequences in feature film by director Metod Pevec, 5 min, 2011; Last Minute, puppet animation lutkovni animirani film, 2 min, 2010, Germany/Slovenia, directed by Špela Čadež & Marina Rosset; Far East Film Festival Trailer, puppet animation, 40 sek, 2009, Italy /Slovenia. The puppet animation Boles has been screened worldwide and has received 50 awards and nominations.



The institute supported stations of the research visual SUR*VIVER project by Tina Smrekar - K2 SUR*VIVER group exhibition (2007, Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb), coproduced group exhibition Article 23 with Škuc Gallery and several works from the SUR*VIVER series (c.f. exhibition Antistress Techniques). Warmarkt inc. was a multimedia installation, website and performance by Katja Kobolt and Tina Smrekar, made in 2006.

Interdisciplinary artistic research was given priority in the first years through projects such as Cream of Contemporary Slovenian Art (2004–2006, by Jana Flego, Katarina Petrov, Mare Bulc), Pret-a-portret by Jure Novak and Mare Bulc (2006), The Last Egotistic Performance and Study for the Last Egotistic Performance by Mare Bulc (2006) and Adopt an Artist by Katarina Petrov and Jana Flego (2007), performance Crimes of the Heart, Made in Skopje.


 Before relaunching as Finta in 2016, the Institute was known as No History Institute of Contemporary Arts. Founded in 2003 by Ljubljana-based theatre director, performer and multimedia artist Mare Bulc, it first served as a vehicle for the No History/Know History Project, his first research project which featured annual performances and lecture-performances.

In 2009 the institute produced, together with Glej Theatre and Dejmo stisnt teater, the comedy Southern Scum go home! / Čefurji raus! directed by Mare Bulc and based on a novel by Goran Vojnović - the play went on to become one of the most successful theatre plays in Slovenian history with over 300 re-runs until mid 2013.

Creative members of the institute have included, among others: Mare Bulc, Špela Čadež, Jana Flego, Katja Kobolt, Žiga Lebar, Jure Novak, Katarina Petrov, Tina Smrekar, Leon Vidmar, Gregor Zorc.