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Good Night, Missy

feature, 2011 / cinemascope, 35 mm, Dolby Digital SRD, color, 97 min
animated sequences by Špela Čadež, Matej Lavrenčič, Finta Film

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Hannah and Sam are still young; they have a house, a wonderful daughter and interesting and well-paid work. He is successful and resolute, while she is a slightly hypersensitive dreamer. However, their polite and comfortable family routine starts falling apart because of lies, lack of trust and jealousy. When Hannah finds out Sam has an affair with a young female colleague, she does not attempt to save her marriage, but instead packs her suitcase and goes back to her mother. It seems that a reunion with an old fling from her student years will help her to move on, but her charming Leo is even more prone to infidelity. However, despite her bad luck with men, Hannah makes a choice and is relieved and quite content in the end. DATE OF RELEASE: SPRING 2011.